The son of a British opera singer and a New York City dancer, Peter Buckingham learned to appreciate and value the creative arts as a child. Peter's early and continuing experiences embracing New York's arts culture, coupled with his parent's artistic influences drives him to create and capture the intrinsic connection between beauty and power through his own work. In photography, Peter finds the perfect outlet to explore the strength and influence of beauty and fashion. His passion to capture the larger-than-life feeling of modern art in all his photographs has been the force and philosophy behind his career.  This force can be seen in his work, through his meticulous use of color and space as well as his keen sense of light and shadow. 

Peter has created photography for covers and editorials of the worlds most well known magazines as well as award winning advertising campaigns.  Whether its Harper's Bazaar, The New York Times, or Macy's, Peter strives to capture and elevate his client's brands through powerful imagery and by putting together and working with the best creative teams possible. 

Peter balances his work life with his love for yacht racing and is currently based in New York City.